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Time Shark - Coming Soon!

time shark game

Mausland have announced a new game in their series of shark games - following on from the concept of the famous aggressive shark going back in time, Time Shark will continue the sharks time travelling escapades.

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Medieval Shark

Are you tired of the boring old shark attacks that seem to always take place in the present without a hint of historical acknowledgement or a single allusion to times past? It’s unlikely that this has ever been a problem for anyone that has ever existed, but there’s a solution to this preposterous predicament anyhow! Felix Wiesner's Medieval Shark takes you back to the middle ages where you can topple castles and battle creatures of mythology to your heart’s content. 

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Miami Shark

Take control of Jaws and make him do what you think he should have done in the films by taking out entire fleets of boats and downing multiple aeroplanes in quick succession. You know you want some of that in your day.

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New York Shark

Combining perhaps the best two plot elements in existence (a giant shark and a big city), New York Shark is as New York Shark does. Take control of a giant shark and create significant urban turmoil in the New York waters; it’s an opportunity you’re unlikely to ever come across again. 

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