Download Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown Game

Rated 90/100 by Big Fish Games players.

Chomp your way to the heart of an underwater mystery in this side-scrolling aquatic adventure. From the makers of Feeding Frenzy comes this delicious sequel, featuring frisky fish, gorgeous underwater environments, and 60 levels of mouth-watering fun! Eat your way up the food chain in two exciting gameplay modes, dodging predators as you go.

  • 60 lively levels.
  • Two gameplay modes.
  • Wild new power ups.
  • New fish and characters.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Download Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown Game

User comments:

The sequel to feeding frenzy is just as fun as the original!!! The bonus levels were very cool, and fun. The game is actually one of the most fun to play.

I love this game! In this game you play a little fishie, trying to eat smaller fish and avoid the bigger ones. The more you eat, the bigger you grow. It's very click-intensive.

I love playing Fish Frenzy. Just please have a Mac version!