Megalodon: Biggest Shark Documentary

The Biggest Shark that Ever Existed Known as 'Megalodon'

Watch a documentary on this giant shark. Megalodon is regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators in vertebrate history, and likely had a profound impact on the structure of marine communities. Fossil remains suggest that this giant shark reached a maximum length of 14--18 metres (46--59 ft), and also affirm that it had a cosmopolitan distribution. Scientists suggest that megalodon looked like a stockier version of the great white shark.

Big Facts on Megalodon

Megalodon Shark

1. Razor sharp monstrous teeth: His teeth were 7 inches long

2. Explosive bite: Megalodon had the strongest bite of any creature to ever have lived on earth. A great white chomps with the force of nearly 2 tonnes where as Megalodon bit his prey with the force of between 10 to 18 tons!

3. Enormous in every way: He was comfortably longer than a double decker bus growing up to 60 feet/18 m in length and weighing up to 100 tons.

4. Monstrous appetite!: He feasted on giant whales, dolphins and squid amoung other things.

5. Still stalking the oceans today?: This one isn't a fact so don't panic too much!. But although there isn't any concrete evidence that this huge shark exists today, some people still believe Megalodon is lurking in the depths of the ocean munching on juicy whales. There is also speculative evidence from videos and photos you can see below:

Find out more about Megaladon at the Discover Channel including stories regarding encounters with the giant shark Magalodon with fishing communities and a mysterious photograph taken during World War 2 off the coast of Cape Town.

A great on whether the Megalodon is still alive today can be found at Bizar Bin.

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