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Miami Shark: It’s like Jaws on steroids and copious quantities of pre-workout

Miami shark game

Sharking About

If you’ve ever decided to go the US for a holiday, then you probably know that on whole it is an extremely enjoyable experience and has a lot of variety to offer. A classic destination is of course Florida, with Orlando being an extremely common destination. I feel it is my responsibility to warn you about booking any tickets to go to Miami until you have played these Hungry Shark games however, since if this game has any truth to it and you’re going anywhere near any water, you’re going to have a bad time. Ok, so Hungry Shark is about as far from a factual game as it is possible to get, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make you think twice before taking to the water for a casual swim. In Miami Shark, you’ve got a whole load of destruction – people and property included – to cause and lots of fear to instil,  so you may be wondering what I was, which is what on earth has gotten this shark all riled up in the first place?

Shark Through the Ages

Well firstly, our shark has been on a few destructive adventures including violent trips to New York, Sydney, and the medieval period, and we haven’t had a smidgen of explanation as to the shark’s behaviour, but this is probably because it is us, the players of the game, who are responsible for his actions. Use the directional arrows to control the movement of the shark in the water: the up and down keys moves the shark in the corresponding directions , allowing you to make him leap out of the water and create havoc for those that are unlucky enough to be minding their own business above. The game is viewed from a side-on perspective and there aren’t any levels, just a long stretch of water that spans one hundred miles which you must use to destroy as many things and people as possible.

Arcade-Like Ferocity

It isn’t as simply as just smashing stuff up however: actually, it really is, but there are a few additions that make the game into a much more arcade-like affair packed with extreme levels of action and explosive happenings. You score points for taking out items and people above you as well as for munching things in the water, though the big points are in the destruction of the former. Simply jump out of the water and smash down onto anything that you want to be destroyed: boats, people, planes, you name it. You can use the Ctrl button to make the shark chomp his jaws down, which is particularly useful for grappling on to planes and various vehicles above; these can be destroyed by tapping the downwards arrow key rapidly once you’ve gripped on to them.  Bonus point multipliers are achieved by destroying things in quick succession, and there are even achievements/medals which are attained by destroying various things such as different planes like 747s, helicopters, and even the space shuttle.

Relentless and Silly (In a Good Way)

Miami Shark doesn’t really have too much in the way of progression or a levelling system because well, it simply doesn’t. The fun is in the shallow and meaningless destruction caused within your hundred mile stretch, earning you points and achievements as you go which is more than can be said for big budget flops like Jaws The Ultimate Predator which received a mediocre reception from shark fans and gamers alike. This game is fairly basic compared to some of the sequels spawned from it (mentioned above), but as a bit of pick-up-and-play action, you can’t beat these type of Hungry Shark titles. Mausland were sure not to fiddle too much with the graphics and physics as well, which are also fairly basic and raw, but you must bear in mind that a game with such a quick-fire and relentlessly explosive premise doesn’t need multiple layers of visual prowess or flashiness. Hungry Shark is one of those games that you don’t question; you simply play it and enjoy the absolute destruction it allows you to cause.

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