Medieval Shark Game Review

Venture back to the medieval period and take on many foes as the great white including some mythical beasts.

Medieval Shark Game
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Medieval Shark - Wreak some shark havoc in the middle ages!

Going Medieval

Medieval Shark Game: Back to the Medieval Period

The only major variables between the series of games are the surroundings themselves, which in the past have been major cities but in this game we are plunged into some generic surroundings with a very medieval theme. This relative simplicity in format is no criticism of the game, but rather a compliment to the game’s ability to entertain us even with the most basic of concepts. The ever-consistent key assignments remain, with directional controls allowing for movement and the ‘A’ button making the shark bite/attack at will. You can jump in and out of the water at your leisure, and a super-jump is possible if you travel to the bottom of the water and swim upwards from there; this launches you into the air allowing you to attack high-flying targets. The destruction of pretty much anything around you gets you points, with a ‘frenzy’ counter being a new addition to the game that builds over time and super-charges your attack once the indicator bar is full.

Yore Kidding Me

Medieval Shark Game: Kill the Sea Monsters

Previous inclusions to the game have been King Kong, giant octopi, jet planes, space shuttles, and various other human-bearing vehicular transportation just waiting to be toppled and dragged into the ocean to explode in a ball of flames and human despair. The mythical side of the middle ages shines through here, with enemies ranging from sea snakes and hydra to dragons and flying unicorns, and all set affront a backdrop of medieval villages, castles and a variety of wooden sailing boats that await your destructive jaws/axe/mace. That’s right, I must have forgotten to mention that the shark is somehow in possession of the ability to wield and axe, as well as a mace-like weapon if you are lucky enough to pick one up along the way. You can even pick up treasures whilst swimming in the water which add to your score.

Ludicrousness aplenty

Yes the premise is insane and the gameplay looks to be a cross between a hallucination and a Japanese commercial for just about anything, but damn this Armor game is fun. The graphics are basic, but anything flashier would ruin the outlandish style of the whole damn thing. I’d put my thumbs up for this game if I weren’t so worried that they’d be sliced off with an axe swinging furiously from a shark’s head. If you weren’t already convinced about the game’s worth, it’s even got flying unicorns, so don’t try and pretend like you aren’t interested.


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