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Miami shark is a fun shark attack game by Mausland where you control a great white shark and look to terrorise the beaches of Miami.

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Miami Shark - Shark-attack action where you're in charge of bringing the pain

Like Jaws, only Better

“Oh wanton destruction of innocent men, women and children for the purpose of casual entertainment, how I have missed you” is what no one should ever be saying to anyone ever, unless it’s in reference to a ridiculous and ridiculously entertaining flash-based game that entails the controlling of a shark that can dive up from the depths and take down entire aeroplanes with the stroke of a keyboard key. Now, I’m no stranger to the occasional outrageous premise since I have (regrettably) been party to viewings of various movies such as Snakes on a Train, Titanic II and the shameful ‘Mega Shark Vs’ series of films whose direct-to-video releases are an indication of the general quality of these so-called “feature presentations” (though conventional quotation marks don’t quite cover it in this case). Give me a flash game with an equally ridiculous premise that’s set in Miami, however, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

Miami Shark Game: Shark Attacks Boat

Miami Shark contains pretty much all the outrageous shark-related action you could possibly want from a flash game: huge leaps from the water, shattering impacts with tragically overcrowded boats and the dragging of various aeronautical vehicles from their flight path, forcing a gradual-yet-satisfying deviation from their original flight path into the depths of the water beneath. And all this topped off with a series of explosions as the planes, hang-gliders and helicopters have their warranties voided instantly by the salty depths.


Miami Shark Game: Shark Brings Down Space Shuttle

The game is viewed from the side, giving you a cross-section of all the action that takes place above and below the water. If you think the premise is the simplest thing about the whole experience however, then you’ve not yet been acquainted with the controls: directional arrows control the movement, while either ‘Ctrl’ or ‘A’ controls the chomping motion of the misunderstood nightmare of the sea. Swimming in a rightwardly direction, you simply have to build momentum by diving to the depths and swimming back up with as much speed as possible, allowing you to take out the weekend sailors above.  Biting onto one of the many airborne vehicles allows you to drag it into the water with some furious and repeated mashing of the downwards arrow key. The destruction of vehicles and people in quick succession is documented and gives you ‘combo’ scores, with the main aim being to achieve as high of a total as is possible in each round

Damage Report

Newgrounds  Miami Shark is all very standard procedure with a far-from-standard premise. If you’re looking for a little bit of outlandish fun with no requirement of strategy, then Miami Shark has your number, and you should await its call. This is only a figure of speech; flash games can’t make phone-calls.


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