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Ultimate Shark Simulator

Ultimate Shark Simulator: View 5

The unending human fascination over sharks and their deadliness has given rise to an assortment of shark-based games over the past few years. Asymmetrical shark-vs-human deathmatch Depth lies on one end of the spectrum, while today’s game under review, Ultimate Shark Simulator, sits a little more towards the opposite end. This doesn’t mean Ultimate Shark Simulator doesn’t have any teeth. On the contrary, its third-person perspective offers players the chance to assume control of a variety of different sharks – from hammerhead to whale – as they do what predators do in the murky depths of the ocean. Though I have a few grips with the creaky physics and questionable animations, this review hopefully paints a picture as positive as I found the gameplay to be.

Rating: 4.3/5

Release Date: 16/07/2016

Type: Great White Shark, Tiger Shark

Available for: iOS, Android

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Angry Shark

Angry Shark: View 5

Are you a sucker for the beach? Perhaps summer is your favorite season of the year and you're always ready to feel the sand beneath your feet. If so, then maybe you should steer clear of Angry Sharks (or not). This wacky little game puts you in the shoes of a squishy, hapless swimmer that has somehow found himself in a water filled to the brim with toothy predators. While you're busy dodging them, they're all just swimming along, waiting for you to make a mistake and come wading into their jaws. How long can you avoid them and stay alive?

Rating: 3.9/5

Release Date: 12/01/2016

Type: Great White Shark, Jaws

Available for: Android

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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution: View 5

Experience life as a Shark in the ultimate test of survival. Jaw dropping 3D graphics and action packed gameplay. Grow from a pup into a 10 ton Great White Shark! Eat your way around a diverse aquatic world full of wonder and danger.

Rating: 4.4/5

Release Date: 31/07/2014

Type: Megalodon Shark, Great White Shark

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

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Shark Dash

Shark Dash: View 5

Discover the new benchmark for physics puzzle games! Shark Dash is a highly addictive game that takes the physics puzzler to fun new heights with a unique cartoonish style starring funny little bath toys!

Rating: 4.2/5

Release Date: 15/01/2014

Type: Funny Shark, Shark Attack

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

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Feed Us Lost Island

Feed Us Lost Island: View 5

Think like a piranha and go from one tasty snack to the next in Feed Us: Lost Island. Just like in previous iterations, you control the ravenous fish and you decide which tasty meal gets eaten first. Victims will try to get away, but with the nifty upgrades introduced in this game, how can they? Customize your piranha friend, keep his belly full and watch out for bigger predators wanting to take a chomp out of you. Feed Us: Lost Island features six exciting worlds and a wealth of challenges and treasures for you to discover.

Rating: 4.2/5

Release Date: 11/12/2013

Type: Piranha

Available for: iOS, Android

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Shark or Die

Shark or Die: View 5

Action with a short shark shock! Your shark is ravenous for his favorite meal: raw man is on the menu! Arouse your killer instinct and go hunting for scrummy surfers and bikini-clad dishes!

Rating: 4.1/5

Release Date: 14/09/2010

Type: Shark Attack

Available for: iOS, Android

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