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Feed Us Lost Island

Wear Silly Hats and Wreak Havoc in Feed Us: Lost Island

The killer piranha is back and this time, he's even hungrier. Just like its predecessors, Feed Us: Lost Island gives you control over the ravenous fish, letting you decide just who (or what) gets chomped on. Aside from sleeker graphics, Lost Island introduces a handful of new features such as piranha customization, new enemies to watch out for and a plethora of poor souls to eat. There are six immersive worlds, filled to the brim with challenging objectives and even hidden treasure for you to find. Think you can keep the big, bad piranha fed?

Extremely Violent, Undeniably Addictive

For those who aren't yet familiar with the arcade action that is the Feed Us series, be advised that it is quite a violent game. Despite its cartoony looks, Lost Island is rated "12+" for the iOS and "18+" in the Android app store thanks to the endless supply of blood and carnage Mr. Piranha can cause. No, he doesn't just make his meals magically disappear like a good, little game fishy. Once you've found a hapless tourist on a boat, you'll need to ram it head on and make it sink. Get your prey to panic, make him sink and click within the target cursor to feed the piranha. Each bite brings his victim closer to death until there's nothing left but bones at the bottom of the ocean. The game doesn't hold back on the violent visuals but, thankfully, the graphics are kept looking classy.

The controls are pretty much what you'd expect from the series. Slide and tap gestures make the piranha move. Slide your finger to the left or right to make him swim from side to side. Slide up in either direction to make him leap out of the water to ram a boat. Small fry can automatically be eaten with a single tap but bigger prey will keep Mr. Piranha busy chomping for a while. While pretty fearsome, he is not invincible. You'll need to keep an eye on his health bar if you want him to get to the next world. Remember that there are aggressive NPCs and obstacles such as lava pits that can end his vicious rule. He can survive a short stay on land, flopping about to find something to fill his belly. However, there is a limit to that too and he'll be in big trouble once his air runs out.

Release Date: 11/12/2013

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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New and Improved Piranha

Pyrozen has outdone themselves with the wealth of customization features in Lost Island. To put it simply, every kill you make adds to your pool of Blood Points and these can be used to make the piranha even tougher and meaner. You can either choose to upgrade its body parts or give it additional firepower. The former has five categories: Jaws, Spine, Scales, Fins and Tail. Having a hard time turning victims into minced meat? Strengthen the piranhas Jaws. Can't pass through that odd cement wall at the bottom of the sea? Spend some points on a better Spine. Fins make the piranha swim faster while a better tail gives a bigger boost. Finally, Scales make the piranha tougher in general, making it less likely to die a horrible death.

After you've spent a few points on whichever body part you want to upgrade, you can then splurge on some Weapons and Swag. Customize your piranha by changing its color or making it wear a silly hat. You know, because it's a fact that nothing else comes close to a party hat-wearing piranha in scaring the living daylights out of someone.

There's Always Something to Chomp On

If you're not the sort to be satisfied with just mindless munching, then you may want to try your hand at accomplishing all of Lost Island's objectives. It's pretty simple really. All you need to do is to go on a killing spree and turn villages into ghost towns and voila, you've completed the game. It will take time, it's pretty grindy but if you're into arcade-style action, you probably won't even notice the clock ticking.

We have encountered a few bugs such as not being able to target select prey and the occasional wild jump but that's it. There was nothing game breaking. The music loop got a bit old but that was easily remedied by muting the volume in the menu. With that said, Feed Us: Lost Island kept us entertained for hours on end with accessible mechanics and over-the-top violence. It may not be for kids but truly, it will appeal to those who grew up on South Park and Happy Tree Friends


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Feed Us Lost Island is developed by Games Free.

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