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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark: Evolution A ferocious shark attack game thats fierce in gameplay but friendly on the eye

Few games can invoke such a mix of emotions as can Hungry Shark: Evolution. Its seamless blend of beautiful scenery and violent, blood-riddled shark attacks makes it a game of juxtaposition and contrast. Explore the sea bed hunting for all manner of pray including fish, unlucky humans, and crustaceans as well as discovering various missions and earning money to upgrade your shark so that he levels up to be a gigantic and terrifying killing machine that contrasts remarkably well with the colourful and visually-pleasing underwater environment.

Shark the Herald Angels Sing

Hungry Shark Evolution: Stunning Visuals

Above: The Great White Shark Breaches the Water Ready for a Fisherman Feast

If you are a fan of contrasting themes which juxtapose greatly but perfectly, you probably don't immediately look to the Shark Game genre to enlighten and brighten up your day. Few games can muster up such a tantalising mix of the gorgeous and the gruesome like Hungry Shark: Evolution can however, and passing up on the opportunity to see what this unusual combination entails could be one of the biggest mistakes you make today. This free-to-download app is a hit on the app store because it lets you take the metaphorical reins of a humble shark, plonking you in the middle of an expanse of water with reasonable width and considerable depth, asking of you only one thing: to eat, and eat until you cannot eat any more. If you’ve played shark attack games but haven’t experience this one, you cannot claim to have truly experienced the genre; Hungry Shark: Evolution has a great deal to offer, and gratuitous shark-based violence is just the start.

Release Date: 31/07/2014

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Immersive (Literally, figuratively)

Hungry Shark Evolution: Land Grab

There's no safety on land for these poor humans - breaching the water for a land grab is a common stunt in Hungry Shark Evo.

Immediately making use of the full capabilities of your mobile device, Hungry Shark: Evolution allows you to control the action by either using either tilt controls or an on-screen joystick. Both control types have their merits for different people, but the tilt method seems to offer a little more freedom because you can tap the screen to initiate a speed boost from your shark. The aim is of course simply to swim around eating various marine creatures and occasionally pop up to the surface to chow down on some unsuspecting humans.

The game's interface is simple and has a familiar feel to it, being reminiscent of the browser game Moby Dick in that you have on-screen bars indicating your health, the level of your shark, your boost meter, and various other titbits like your money, gems, and points. The idea is to keep your health meter filled by eating as many creatures and humans as possible; you earn experience points as you play, allowing you to level up and become larger and larger as you progress. A differentiating factor making this game unique is that you can eventually evolve through a progression of different sharks such as the great white shark and bull shark this also gives the game a longevity that even Jaws: The Revenge (with its relatively shallow gameplay) does not.

Depth (Figurative, Literal)

You'll find yourself literally travelling to great depths in this game, though don't plunge too far down in your infantile state: the pressure down there can have adverse effects on your health. This nifty little bit of realism is just the beginning since this game has much more depth than you would expect: some of your prey will fight back, scuba divers will attack you, prey will run away, and you can die quite easily if you are not careful. It is in these little details that this game excels fantastically, but this isn't the only wow factor it possesses.

In addition to the gameplay and content (as well as all the items that you can purchase such as scuba gear, poison antidote, and a protective flak jacket for all the underwater mines you'll encounter), you've got a wonderful design to please your eyes as well. The scenery is quite impressive and supremely colourful, which is where the mixed emotions come in: a game this violent and downright gruesome shouldn't be so wonderful to look at. The underwater scenery is vibrant, the brutal eating/death animations are fantastic, and the sounds are spot on as well. The game is a visual wonder, though its graphics still aren't as good as say Infinity Blade; this game simply isn't in the same league as some of the high-end games these days, in terms of graphics at least.

Jaws is Gunna be So Mad

Hungry Shark Evolution: Paraglider Punish

Hungry Shark Evo has to be the ultimate Jaw's style game - there's countless opportunites to prey on peaceful swimmers in the sea.

Why would Jaws be angrier than he always seems to be on a daily basis then? Well, because Hungry Shark: Evolution is simply the better game by far than Jaws Revenge. Though its Jaws rival has the weathered, dark, and dingy look going for it, I much prefer the vibrant colours mixed with the bone-crunching animations of Future Games of London’s Hungry Shark: Evolution. The ability to explore an underwater environment is another plus, as are the upgrades, items, and the fact that your enemies give you a fair fight at times as well. Hungry Shark: Evolution simply has the whole shark attack package, and it will take some topping should a sequel arise in the future, though this seems about as likely as the movie Jaws 5 ever happening.


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Hungry Shark Evolution is developed by Future Games of London.

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