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Control a rampaging Shark with incredible breech capabilities and cause as much destruction and devastation across New York City as possible in this crazy shark game.

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New York Shark - Urban Sharkery at its Best

I’m pretty much a fan of anything that has the decency just to call itself exactly what it is; this way, I’m not massively disappointed when it fails to live up to its own title upon closer inspection. The infamous Snakes on a Plane, while not likely to break into even the top 500 of anyone’s great film lists, entailed the presence of snakes on a commercial flight and the hilarity that ensued: this is no less than what the title indicated, plus it had some of Samuel L Jackson’s finest lines to date (boy did he go blindly into that one). Snakes on a Plane therefore delivered no less, and in fact a lot more than the title suggests; New York Shark is fun little flash-based frolic that promises to do the same, and comes to us courtesy of the fun-loving fellows at Mausland.

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Urban Chaos

New York Shark involves the controlling of a particularly mischievous shark that lurks in New-York waters along the lines of that appearing in the movie Jaws, is viewed from a cross-section of the water and is able to leap out of the water to create all sorts of havoc for the sailors, pilots and general population above. The extent of the shark’s mischievousness is entirely up to you as the player, since you control his movement with the directional arrows and make him clamp down his rows of teeth by pressing ‘A’ or ‘Ctrl’. The primary objective of the whole thing is to score many points as possible by creating as much needless (yet wildly entertaining) damage as is possible within the predetermined number of miles that you can travel in each round.

Citywide Panic

New York Shark: City Wide Panic

The mechanics of the whole thing are pretty much identical to the game’s counterpart Miami Shark in that you encounter various targets floating on the surface of the water and flying through the air; things like aeroplanes, helicopters and sailing boats are simply the norm for this shark-based series of games. New York Shark has actually managed to improve upon it predecessor, and with the move to the big city comes the introduction of some unique inclusions such as the Staten Island ferry, journeys through the docks and the destruction of its shipping containers. Furthermore, the hilarity is increased exponentially by the shark wearing sunglasses, battling with King Kong , occasional spins on a fruit machine and various bonuses including catching a baseball mid-air as one of the few ways to further rack up your points total.

Give New York Shark a go if you’re a fan of silly entertainment and enjoy being addicted to games. Make sure that you also revel in the not-so-subtle film reference with the occasional passing of the giant octopus.


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