Help Stop the Shark Slaughter!

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Warning: Sharks are Being Slaughtered by Their Millions Every Year (They Are Near Extinction)!

It is estimated that 90% of the shark population has been wiped estimated 100 million are killed each year. By the time you have read this article 1000 sharks will have been killed.

Fuelled by the Chinese market for Shark Fin soup (thought to be a delicacy for some Chinese people and a status symbol for the wealthy) Sharks are being hunted to extinction for their fins in the most barbaric fashion by greedy fishermen around the world.

photo of shark finning

The Sharks Suffer Extremely Painful Deaths

Fins are cut off the sharks after they are dragged onto the boat and the sharks are most often still alive when they are tossed back into the ocean. Unable to swim, the shark slowly sinks toward the bottom where it is eaten alive by other fish.

One pound of dried shark fin can retail for $300 or more. It's a multi-billion dollar industry.

Some far eastern people, predominantly in China believe in the crazy idea that consuming Shark cartilage can help cure diseases like cancer (a completely eroneous belief with no scientific proof whatsoever.

Why Are Sharks So Important?

photo of caribbean reef sharks

Sharks are the oceans top predator and they help keep the oceans other fish life populations in balance and in good health, without them the marine ecosystem loses its balance and could well collapse.

You can learn more about why Shark's are so important to us and our oceans at

We Need Your Help in Stopping this from Happening

I bet right now your thinking, 'What can I do as a single person, to stop a billion dollar industry from fishing and butchering Sharks?'. Well if everyone who read this article performed the simple action of sharing this page with their friends it would make a big difference in exposing this barbaric practice to thousands more people around the world.

Please Share the Plight of the Shark with your Friends

You Can Help Protect Sharks by Supporting Sea Shepherd

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Sea Shepherd are the most direct international organisation who are working to avoid the plight of many different types of sea life with Sharks being one of their main concerns.

They patrol, ram (in some cases), water cannon and enforce international law in crucial waters against illegal fishing around the world. With their fleet of ships they work to protect what we have left of our sea life in order so it has a chance of replenishing itself. Where fisherman look for a rich and illegal catch of many important species using harpoons and hooks to drag Sharks, Whales, Seals, Dolphins out of the oceans - Sea Shepherd tries to directly prevent this tragedy.

You can Support Sea Shepherd Here with whatever donation you can afford.

Video About Shark Defense Operation by Sea Shepherd

If you can't afford to make a donation you can simply help educate others on the plight of sharks and their importance to the ecosystem and also watch 'Shark Water' a film about the plight of sharks, Sea Shepherd and the fight against illegal fishing and butchering of sharks in protected waters.

What is Shark Water?

Shark Water Film
  • Shark Water is a film that debunks the media propaganda behind Sharks being mans greatest enemy in the water
  • It tells a story of one mans journey from being curious about sharks to diving with them and campaigning against their mass extermination
  • Featuring a whole plethora of different types of sharks and stunning under water filming Shark Water is the ultimate documentary for those curious about what sharks are really like
  • Learn more about what Shark's really are about - the curators of the underwater world
  • You'll appreciate how vitally important sharks are to planet earth after watching Shark Water and become more aware of the dangers they are facing in the 21st century from man kind
  • Perhaps watching Shark Water will also help you conquer your fear of sharks and inspire you to dive with them to no matter where you are in the world, a type of shark roams your waters!
  • Shark Water makes the powerful point that Sharks are to be respected and loved rather than feared and hated
  • The docu film is a dream movie for all would be scuba divers
  • Learn to appreciate why Oceanariums and Aquariums around the world are like prisons for sharks, who are use to travelling 1000's of miles in the worlds oceans
  • Shark Water has won 22 international awards and his a highly acclaimed film recognised for it's contribution to the protection of Sharks.

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