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Shark lifting 2 is all about...well lifting sharks. But lets not over simplify the game in such a manner to deem it pointless playing, it's not just about lifting sharks in anyway possible to get one over your head, there's an art to it, just like any weight lifting competition.

Shark Lifting 2

Above our Olympian begins his lift attempt on a Great White Shark.

It takes a good squat, a firm pair of thighs, fine form so you don't injure your back and force is provided through the quadriceps and the gluteus maxi mus. Well some experts will probably tell me I'm way off mark there, but I ain't a weight lifter either!

Shark Lifting 2 brings us back to the old school arcade games and machines just like many of Mausland's games, from the way it sounds to how it's laid out, it's reminiscent of the Street Fighter 2 arcade game, you board a plane and fly around a world map to various destinations for where you will fight various opponents, except your fight is the lifting of a shark rather than another martial artist.

There are many sharks to lift and 2 levels of difficulty to pick from in which to face your lifting challenge. We must say we were a tad disappointed with the challenge posed by the harder setting of the two 'Brutal'. The word itself sets you up mentally for a big challenge of hammering the mouse button repetitively in ways not seen since old school track and field games. Yet brutal is actually quiet easy to complete, even when it comes to the bigger lifts such as the Great Hammerhead, The Great White pictured further above, The Whale Shark and the Megalodon. I think you would be trying to lift the Megalodon a lot longer than 5 seconds even in a make believe game - after all you can check out how rediculously big and mounstrous a Megalodon was here!

Despite these criticisms for us Shark Lifting 2 still allowed us a few cheap thrills and delve into a past long abandoned by many older games and not even known to the new generation. For that we applaud Mausland on a job well done!

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